Frequently  Asked Questions.

Who is therapy for?

If you have never had therapy before, don't worry. I will guide you through the process.

People find themselves seeking therapy and support for a variety of reasons (There is no right or wrong answer - We are all different people trying our best). 

For example:

- You could be struggling with the stress of a hectic job

 - You could be in a relationship that is no longer feeling right anymore

- You could be overwhelmed by worries and concerns about day to day life and the future

- You could be being plagued by upsetting thoughts about yourself that are really getting in the way of your happiness 

All of these issues can really stop you living the sort of life you want to. If you are suffering with any of these or anything else that is troubling you, its time to get help.

I think I want to start therapy. What do I do now?


If you'd like to know more about therapy or want to book an assessment session to see if therapy is for you, please head to the 'Contact page' and get in touch. From there, I can book you in for a free initial online assessment  session, where we will discuss what you are wanting to get from therapy and we can decide whether or not therapy with us is the right fit for you. Following on from this, if you feel you'd like to try more sessions, I can book you in for your first online session (Usually around one or two weeks later). Remember - There's no obligation to carry on with therapy, you can stop at any point, it is completely in your control.

Prior to this assessment session, you will be sent our 'Client Contract', that you can either complete before or during our assessment session. This contract outlines the therapy process and what you can expect, it also details our policies (Confidentiality and data protection for example) and asks for several important personal details (Phone number, address and an emergency contact for example). 

How do online sessions work?

We can do these online sessions via:

  • 'Telephone call'
  • 'Zoom' (Online video chat platform)
  • 'Microsoft Teams' (Online video chat platform)
  • 'WhatsApp Video / Audio Call'

We will use whichever option is best for you.

How many sessions do people usually have?

There can be as many therapy sessions as you need and they can occur as frequently as you want (although I suggest weekly or every two weeks to begin with) to obtain the right support you need in working towards achieving your goals and facing the issues you are going through. We will periodically review how you are doing and how useful the sessions are to you, to help ensure they are still helpful to you and when might be the with time to leave therapy.

Remember however - the door is always open, you can always get back in touch if you want to seek more support and help in the future.

How much do sessions cost? 

Online Assessment Session (Free):

This is an initial online session lasting 50 minutes. In this session we will meet and speak over the phone or video call, where we will learn about the issues you are facing and the goals you have for therapy. In turn, you have the opportunity to enquire about therapy and what it entails, to help you decide if it is for you. Either ahead of this session or in it, you will read through out the 'Client Contract' (Although this sounds rather formal and binding, it is just to inform you about our policies, such as confidentiality and data protection for example. It also lets you know how the therapy process works, so you know what to expect. It also collects some personal information from yourself such as your emergency contact details for instance).

If you feel at the end of this assessment that therapy is something you want to try, we will book another session at a cost of £40 per session going forward. Remember, there is no obligation to decide how many sessions you want to do. You can have as many of as little as you want - It is completely in your control and something you can figure out as we progress.

Online Therapy Session (£40):

These online sessions last 50 minutes. This is where we will speak and more formally begin therapy, where we can discuss your issues and goals and make plans on how to move towards achieving them. This is a very individual venture, and will look different to each client.

Therapy may be more of a safe space to seek support about the troubles you are going through, or it may be a more structured time whereby we are working towards specific goals (For example, trying to reduce your social anxiety with techniques from CBT).


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