Who We Are? 

Adapt Therapies is a new company, offering online and telephone therapy sessions to support you to achieve your goals. 

At the moment, Adapt-Therapies has only just started, so there is only Alex Jamison (It's Founder) who you can work with. As time goes on, this list and the service will  grow to offer more and more for clients.,

Alex Jamison 

Formally qualifying in Sept 2020 with a distinction as an 'Integrative Psychotherapist', Alex has accrued over 400 hours of clinical experience in one to one psychotherapy, working with clients on addressing a variety of issues and towards achieving their individual goals. Leading to many positive outcomes (See our testimonials). 

Alex focusses primarily on helping clients suffering with anxiety or depression (The most common mental health conditions, that as many as 1 in 4 people unfortunately go through each year in the UK), but he also has experience working with OCD, phobias, managing chronic pain, relationship problems, work stress, bereavement, trauma, intrusive thoughts and general confidence and self-esteem building for example.

I (Alex Jamison) strongly believe in the effectiveness of an 'Integrative approach'. Which is a holistic way of working that draws upon and is made up of differing theories and therapies. My practice is comprised of 'Cognitive Behavioural Therapy', 'Person centred therapy', 'Attachment Theory', 'Dialectical Behavioural Therapy' and 'Compassion Focussed Therapy'). As the company and service grows, I hope to recruit more likeminded and professional integrative therapists. 



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